Make Your Party Sparkle!

Diamond Party Confetti

What is the quality of the crystal ribbon?
This is high quality ribbon to meet the expectations of even the most demanding bride.  The banding is made with premium, pointed back, machine-cut Czech crystals in a silver setting.  This creates a sparkle effect that is truly blingtastic!  

How is the cake ribbon supplied?
We offer cake banding in rows 1 through 6 by the yard (per 36 inches) and now 10 row and 24 row sizes by the foot (per 12 inches).  If you order multiple yards/feet, you will receive your order in one continuous piece.

How many rows of crystals are available?
We are currently offering rhinestone banding in the following row sizes: 
  1 row,  approx 3/16 inch wide
  2 rows, approx 3/8 inch wide
  3 rows, approx 5/8 inch wide
  4 rows, approx 3/4 inch wide
  5 rows, approx 1 inch wide
  6 rows, approx 1 1/8 inches wide
 10 rows, approx 2 inches wide
 24 rows, approx 4 5/8 inches wide

Is the banding available in a gold finish?

Yes, we have the banding available in row sizes 1, 2, 3 and 4 in gold.

What is the most common row size used for cakes?
The most common size used to embellish cakes is 4 rows.  You can consider using less rows for a more delicate look or more rows for a more dramatic look. 

What size crystals are used?
The banding features ss19 crystals, which is equivalent to approximately 4.5mm.

Is it easy to cut?
Yes, it easy to cut with scissors or a utility knife, and will not unravel.

Is the banding edible?
No, the banding is not edible, however, it is easy to remove prior to serving the cake.

How much do I need?
How much banding you will need will depend on the size and shape of your cake tiers.  There are separate formulas for round cakes and square cakes.  We have calculation examples for each type listed below.

Formula:  Circumference = 3.14 x Diameter
TIER 1     6 INCH TIER   X        3.14              =       18.84 - ROUND UP TO 19 INCHES
TIER 2    10 INCH TIER   X       3.14              =       31.40 - ROUND UP TO 32 INCHES
TIER 3    14 INCH TIER   X       3.14              =       43.96 - ROUND UP TO 44 INCHES 

Now add the amount of ribbon needed for all tiers together
19 + 32 + 44 = 95 INCHES

To determine the number of yards needed for the cake in the above example, we now divide the number of inches by 36 and round up:
95 divided by 36 =  2.64 yards of ribbon - Round up to 3 yards

Formula:  Perimeter = 2 x Length + 2 x Width
TIER 1    6 IN X 2 = 12        +        6 IN X 2 = 12   =              24 INCHES
TIER 2   10 IN X 2 = 20        +      10 IN X 2 = 20  =              40 INCHES
TIER 3   14 IN X 2 = 28        +      14 IN X 2 = 28  =              56 INCHES

Now add the amount of ribbon needed for all tiers together
  24 + 40 + 56 = 120 INCHES

To determine the number of yards needed for the cake in the above example, we now divide the number of inches by 36 and round up:
 120 divided by 36 = 3.33 yards of ribbon - Round up to 4 yards

*IMPORTANT- Please Read
If your initial calculation for the number of yards required is an exact number (there was nothing to round up to), we recommend purchasing an extra yard to account for any slight inaccuracies in the cutting of the ribbon or the making of the cake.  If you are ordering the 10 row or 24 row sizes, you will need to divide the number of inches by 12 instead of 36, because these sizes are sold by the foot.

Math is not my favorite subject, can you help me?

Of course!  Feel free to email us at or call us (530)474-6188 with the size of each cake tier and the shape of your cake, and we will do the math for you.

Can I use this type of ribbon to decorate other things?
Yes.  The flexibility of the crystal ribbon makes it so versatile.  It can be used to wrap bouquet stems, trim out wedding favors, centerpieces, money card boxes, etc.  It can also be sewn into fabrics for use in bridal gowns, pageant wear, and costumes

How do I order?
You may place an internet order through our online store or you may order by phone.  When choosing quantity, enter the total number of yards needed.