Edible Sugar Diamonds

Beautiful, realistic cake jewels that are completely edible!  A stunning addition to cakes, cupcakes, or cookies.

Made from Isomalt, an excellent tasting, sugar-free sweetener made from sucrose.

Handcrafted Sugar Diamonds

Our handcrafted sugar diamonds are created by a highly skilled sugar artist. They feature faceted tops and pointed bottoms for the most realistic look. They are available in 5 sizes and 15 different color choices. All of our handcrafted jewels are made in the USA.


                                        Mini (6mm)  38pcs per box

                                 Small (8mm)  28 pcs per box

                                       Medium (10 mm)  16 pcs per box

                                 Large (12mm) 12 pcs per box

                                          Extra Large (2cm)  6 pcs per box

Handcrafted Edible Diamond Studs

 In addition to our sugar diamonds, we also offer edible diamond studs with rounded tops and cut flat bottoms.  

They are available in 2 sizes and 6 colors


                              4mm Diamond Studs   65pcs per box

                              5mm Diamond Studs   54 pcs per box

Use and Care of Sugar Diamonds

  • Sugar Diamonds are ready to use.  This is a sugar product and as such can be affected by humidity or moisture which can cause them to mist over.  Keep sugar diamonds stored in a cool, dry place and in their original packaging until ready for use.  (DO NOT store in the refrigerator/freezer)
  • Try not to touch them directly with your hands.  It is advisable to use tweezers when placing the diamonds onto cakes, cupcakes and other foods.
  • Place them onto the food at the last minute for best results.
  • To attach them to an iced cake, use stiff icing in the same color as the icing or coating.
  • If the diamonds have misted over, you can lightly spray them with a coating of an oil-based baking spray before use.We recommend purchasing no more than 3 months in advance of your event date.

Make Your Party Sparkle!

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